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Voorhees Teen Psychologist

A teen in trouble might feel lost in the crowd. With so many people and so many pressures that affect young people today, a Voorhees teen psychologist can be a guide, leading kids through troubled waters.

If you are concerned about your son or daughter’s mental and emotional well-being, consider turning to Voorhees teen psychologist Dr. Tishanna Majette, PhD, to get professional help.

No matter how supportive you are of your children, you may not have all the answers. If you are worried that your teen is struggling beneath the surface, a Voorhees teen psychologist could shine a light in the darkness.

Someone Your Teen Can Trust in Difficult Times

Despite their young age, teenagers can face great psychological adversity, from behavioral issues and mental disorders to traumatic events that shape and overshadow their daily lives. Your teen could be dealing with depression, issues with body image, or bullying that they don’t feel comfortable discussing with mom and dad. Scheduling counseling sessions with a Voorhees teen psychologist could be exactly what your child needs.

Put an Emphasis on Mental Health

Most parents are very attentive to the physical health of their children, scheduling yearly physicals and regular dental cleanings. But mental health is often overlooked. The middle school and high school years are a difficult time for many children. Their bodies are changing. They’re getting older, facing adult choices. They have pressure coming down on them from parents, school, and peers. It can be crushing. A Voorhees teen psychologist can help your teen to ease the burdens that are weighing on your son or daughter.

Get Answers and Find Solutions

You may have tried to get to the bottom of what is upsetting your teen without making any progress. Turn to a Voorhees teen psychologist with the right training and experience to meet their needs.

Make an appointment with Dr. Majette, and she will give your child the opportunity to talk openly, without fear of judgment or ridicule. It may take several meetings before true progress is made, but the goal is to find gradual healing through evidence-based therapies.

Open the Door to Improved Emotional Well-Being for Your Teen

It’s impossible to eliminate all of your child’s problems, but you can give your son or daughter the tools needed to handle anything that happens in life with quality therapy in Voorhees, NJ. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. We can help your teen to understand the reasons behind their frustration, anger, anxiety, aggression or depression so that they may become capable of tackling it on a daily basis. Dr. Tishanna Majette, PhD., is here to validate your child’s emotions and give them the tools to make peace with their inner struggles.