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Adolescent/ Teen Services

Why choose our Teen Counseling services?

During the teenage years, young people often have to grapple with a number of events and issues that can have an impact on their mental health. Many aspects of their lives, from social interactions to traumatic events, have an influence on their mental state and can cause them to display certain behaviors.

Often, teens need help coping with stress or choosing how they respond to certain life events. Counseling services can help by giving your teen a voice and providing tools for coping with difficult situations, such as when parents divorce and/or remarry. That type of event is just one of many types of stressors that may trigger anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and other mental health problems.

Whether you have been informed by a teacher or social worker that counseling may be beneficial or have recognized some of the warning signs of mental health problems in your teen on your own, we can help. At Majette Adolescent Services, we believe in the importance of teen counseling and recognize the many mental health benefits it offers. We offer a caring, calming, and open environment that encourages teens to open up about their concerns and fears.

Relaxed environment

One of the great things about our teen counseling is that it gives a young person a space where they feel comfortable and can be relaxed and more open to discussing their life. We make sure that the individuals and families we meet with know that anything they share with us is confidential and that they can trust us. We also let them know that they will not be judged because of what they have experienced or are currently going through.

Mental health guidance

Another benefit of teen counseling is the guidance we can offer regarding dealing with mental health issues. If a teen is experiencing depression, anxiety, or any behavioral disorder, a mental health professional can advise what next steps they should take. This guidance is essential in helping them to manage their mental health for a better quality of life.

Peer interaction

While some teens benefit from one-on-one counseling, others prefer group counseling. This is an excellent option for teens to be more comfortable discussing specific topics with peers. It also gives the counselor a chance to see which teens may suffer from social anxiety, anger management, identity issues, and more.

Next steps

If you have a teen in your life who is in need of counseling, contact us so that we can arrange a counseling session. Our mental health professionals are very experienced and want the best for you and your family.

We offer teen counseling as well as family therapy, which can help adolescents express themselves and work through conflicts and issues they may have within the framework of the family. Our goal is to provide individual and group therapy for teens that can be beneficial to the improvement of their mental health.