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Psychological Evaluations/Assessments

As we become increasingly aware of the importance of our mental health, we also become more aware of how important it is for accurate diagnosis of the underlying issues we face. My skills revolve around making sure that anyone looking for psychological evaluations can find a trustworthy expert to rely upon.

With my expertise in the subject matter, I can accurately diagnose the issue(s) faced. This can help to improve the treatment available and also provide you with clarity on what the underlying issues might be. Through rigorous evaluation, I can help you build a plan for the future to help overcome the issue(s) at stake.

Ideal for both teenagers and children, my evaluation skills can be invaluable in understanding the situation and what kind of plan can be implemented to help work towards improvement.

What Is Psychological Testing And Evaluation?

Often, the symptoms of a psychological disorder are apparent, such as when a child experiences academic and social problems at school, or an adult struggles to maintain personal and professional relationships due to anger issues. Still, the cause of the problem is not always clear. This is where psychological testing and evaluation can prove invaluable: it can get to the heart of the matter.

Psychological testing and evaluation consist of a series of tests that help determine the cause of psychological symptoms and disorders to determine the correct diagnosis and follow up with the appropriate course of treatment. Such analysis helps to ensure accurate treatment is provided. The underlying issues can be misdiagnosed without the correct analysis; thus, treatment can be wasted.

The methods used for the evaluation will depend on your teen’s needs. It may consist of a series of formal or structured psychological tests and clinical interviews designed to identify and describe the emotional, behavioral, or learning problems contributing to your teen's problems. This helps to put in place the pathway required to help ensure that your teen can work towards overcoming these issues.

Why Undergo Psychological Testing And Evaluation?

A psychological evaluation should be considered in cases where there is uncertainty about why your teen is having problems with mood, behavior, or learning. Without a correct analysis of the situation, it can be hard for teens to overcome the stresses and factors that are inhibiting their progress in life.

By undergoing an analysis, though, it is easier to build a clear idea of what the situation is and what treatment(s) are available. This can provide clarity where previously there was only confusion.

What Is The Psychological Testing And Evaluation Process?

The process takes several hours; this is completed during several sessions to avoid stress or fatigue during evaluation. The process is simple and involves sessions that remove ambiguity or discomfort for both parties. This allows your teen to relax, be open, and speak freely.

Some reasons why you may seek psychological testing include:

·        Psycho-diagnostic testing(e.g. anxiety, depression, self-harm, anger)

·        Childhood Developmental Disorders(ADHD, Autism)

·        Ruling out or ruling in a mental health disorder/diagnosis

·        Testing to assess psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning

·        Risk Assessment(violence,  sexual, suicide)

·        Needs Assessment

·        Psycho-sexual

·        Fire-setting

·        Court Ordered-Substance Abuse(Adolescents and Adults)

·        For other evaluations, please get in touch with the office

What Are The Benefits For Psychologists And Patients For Conducting Psychological Evaluations?

Psychological evaluations offer many benefits for both psychologists and patients. Some of the benefits of conducting evaluations include:

·        Honest engagement with one another to get to the root of any psychological problems

·        Health professionals can check and challenge their diagnoses in collaboration with clinical psychologists

·        Easier to evaluate more complex patient cases and prescribe more personalized treatments

·        Interviews and one-on-one testing help determine the appropriate level of clinical intervention

·        Patients and psychologists can collaborate on a treatment plan, making treatment more likely to have a better outcome

Our psychological evaluations also offer many benefits to the patient. Some of the most important benefits of a psychological assessment include the following:

·        The interview and testing engage and empower the patient by making them an active part of the evaluation and decision-making process

·        The psychologist communicates genuine respect for the patient and builds rapport by not making the patient feel like no more than a “subject.”

·        Health professionals, psychologists, and the patient can all come to a joint understanding of what interventions and treatments may be needed

·        The evaluations have a similar clinical impact as other therapeutic therapy or counseling

What Are The Signs That A Psychological Evaluation May Be Needed?

For many, the signs to look out for are not always the most obvious. We often assume that someone requiring psychological evaluation must be acting out in extreme ways. However, the warning signs aren’t always as dramatic as fire-setting, self-harm, or the other indications listed above.

Sometimes, they are a lot more subtle, which is why it’s important to recognize early warning signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. This way, it’s easier to proactively seek help from mental health professionals and prevent problems from worsening. The sooner the signs can be spotted, the easier it is to implement an effective treatment plan to overcome the issues.

While by no means a comprehensive list of the potential signs of issues, here are several early warning signs that a psychological evaluation may be needed:

·        Anxiety or paranoia with no basis in reality

·        Concentration problems and other cognitive issues

·        Increased sensitivity to light, sound, or touch

·        Seeming to feel disconnected or numb

·        Social withdrawal, especially from family and close friends

·        Struggles with routine tasks

·        Inability to function at work, school, or social activities

·        Unhealthy changes in sleep or appetite

·        Unexplained and sudden behavioral or mood changes

·        Other unusual and uncharacteristic behavior

Having one or two of these symptoms may not be enough cause for alarm. But, if your teen has more of these symptoms, especially if they impact daily functioning and social interactions, an evaluation should be made immediately.

A thorough psychological evaluation by experienced psychologist Dr. Tishanna Majette can help detect problems like anxiety, depression, and even learning disabilities so you can get help faster. I can provide you with the assistance you require to help understand:

·        Why this situation has come to light, and what the underlying cause might be

·        Where the problems started and how these problems could go on undetected

·        When the issues became so serious that support is now becoming a requirement

·        What can be done to help overcome these problems and create a happier future

·        Who to contact for support should further medical treatment and care be required

·        How treatment can be provided to help overcome the psychological challenges faced

If your teen has thoughts of harming others or themselves, contact us for immediate attention. However, even one or two of the symptoms above could be a notable enough cause for concern that you wish to undergo an analysis and evaluation. I am more than happy to provide you with the support you need.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements for psychological evaluations and assessments. The sooner we can begin the process, the quicker we can help to find an actionable solution.