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Marlton Teen Psychologist

Teens experience problems day in and day out, on the internet and in real life. With the internet, there are daily risks and ample opportunities for cyberbullying, self-image issues, and access to potentially harmful content. Likewise, the responsibilities of school and home life may make your child feel as if they are drowning.

Eating disorders often crop up in these vulnerable years as your teen tries to fit into superficial ideals. Suicide rates among teens are also escalating, with 1 in 100,000 children ages 10 to 14 and 7 in 100,000 ages 15 to 19 committing suicide each year.

Mental health issues need to be treated as swiftly and carefully as any other illness. Dr. Tishanna Majette, PhD., is your local Marlton teen psychologist that can provide relief for your teen’s troubles.

Finding the Way Home When Your Teen is Lost

No matter what challenges your teen is facing, a specialist in adolescent therapy can is here to help. If your teen has been through some kind of traumatic event in life, whether it is an injury, a major illness, or the loss of a loved one, talking with a counselor can be therapeutic, allowing them to move past their trauma and live a successful life.

If your child is suffering from a mental or behavioral disorder like ADHD, generalized anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, I have the professional background and training to offer the tools necessary to cope. We will work with your child to find the root of their problem and learn constructive ways of dealing with their anger, sadness or anxiety.

Get Help for You and Your Teen

You know something’s wrong with your child by their lethargic, rebellious, or erratic behavior, but you’re lost on how to help. Talk to your child about getting guidance from a professional. My office will be their rock when they feel they’re treading water.

Make an appointment today for a psychological evaluation, individual therapy, and family therapy services in Marlton, NJ.